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Hello! I am Adam. I live in the United States, and am a Catholic Christian. I am interested in Eastern Christianity, but, especially Eastern Catholicism.
So, why are you here? Because you want to either talk about Catholicism, news, books, or, well, whatever! I picked the topics that mattered most to me, but, we can talk about anything.

Community Guidelines

So, I made this for people to learn about Catholicism and have charitable debate about this topic, as well as others. It’s not a free for all. There will be rules.
1) No proselytism
2) No ad hominems
3) No off topic conversations. If you want another topic, make another topic.
4) Assume everything in good faith.
5) I, alone, reserve the right to decide what is and isn’t good faith.
Anyway, we can talk about other things like news, politics, books, music. This isn’t just for Catholicism, and, you can have any religion (or no religion) to take place in the conversation.
Obviously, there’s more, but, these are the basics. Anything considered not appropriate will be removed.

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